Will IT Contract Jobs Continue to Rise in 2019?

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As the benefits of contracting become more widely understood, an increasing number of people — especially IT workers — are looking to make the leap from employment to contracting. The problem is, however, that making the leap can sometimes be a little daunting, especially in terms of job security.

If there was a guarantee that the number of available contracting roles would continue to rise, and at the rapid rate that they have been doing over the past few years, creating a wealth of opportunity for contractors making the shift would be much easier. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees. However, what we do know is that 2019 is already looking very promising for contracting, particularly for those individuals with their finger on the technology pulse. Why? Well, let’s take a look at what’s happening…

Digital Transformation

Some people say that the introduction of new technologies is responsible for a greater demand for skills. While there is some truth to this, it is perhaps more accurate to say that one of the main reasons why demand for skills is growing is that more and more businesses are adopting these technologies. There have been predictions that claim that up to three quarters of businesses will fail by 2022 if they don’t enable digital innovation. This is why so many companies are beginning to look at digital transformation. There is a need to plan, to implement, to manage, and review the entire process.

Advanced Risk

New technology means new risk. While technology is becoming cleverer and more secure, threats are also becoming more sophisticated at the same time, which means that opportunities within cybersecurity are very likely to keep opening up. Research shows that 75% of UK-based businesses believe that there is a lack of available IT security skills, which puts these skills in high demand. A report by McAfee suggests that cybersecurity is such a vital area of focus right now that many businesses are paying premium rates for contractors who are able to exhibit niche skills in cybersecurity and safety.

More Competition?

Ongoing digital transformation and advanced risk suggest that IT contract jobs will continue to rise throughout 2019, as businesses seek to ensure the right skills are onboard, at the right time, to help them achieve their digital goals. But before we get too excited, there is a downside to all this that must be acknowledged. Quite simply, more opportunity in contracting means overall greater attraction.

The 2019 State of IT report by Spiceworks suggests that more than one third of IT professionals in the UK will look for a new job this year, and many are expected to look into IT contract jobs due to the multiple benefits that contracting can offer over permanent employment — better pay, more flexibility, and the ability to work with a whole host of exciting businesses and inspirational people. This, of course, means that while opportunities will continue to increase, the competition will also be very fierce.

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