Will Britain's IT Light Still Shine Post-Brexit?

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Of all the many concerns surrounding our post-Brexit economic future, one of the biggest issues within the IT world is the potential for significant reduction of the talent pool, and a notable widening of the ever-increasing skills gap. Research company Gartner estimates that three quarters of all organisations will experience major disruption by 2020, as a direct result of the large skills gap in areas such as IT infrastructure and operations management; essential aspects for the overall success of a business.

But should we be worried? Possibly. However, perhaps we shouldn’t be worried quite as much as we are. Many are confident that Britain will continue to thrive. In fact, some are suggesting that the IT sector won’t be hit quite so hard; that Britain will remain an ‘IT beacon’ and a global hub of the tech revolution.

Britain’s IT Companies Still Attracting Top Talent

While industries such as healthcare and medicine appear to be experiencing the brunt of Brexit’s impact — it has been reported that the number of EU applicants to Britain’s medical schools is at a 10 year low — it seems as though the IT sector is heading in the opposite direction. In fact, research shows that a rather impressive 10% of IT job seekers are still coming from outside of Britain. With nationwide demand for roles such as SAP consultant, iOS developer, Android developer, and Java developer continuing to soar, not even Brexit is enough to deter skilled IT professionals from achieving their career goals.

Chief Executive of Universities UK, Alistair Jarvis, believes that the fact that such a significant portion of international IT professionals are still applying for roles in Britain, and are applying to study software development and related computing courses at UK universities, is an excellent sign that the country’s IT light will still shine post-Brexit. "The increase in international applications shows that the UK remains one of the most attractive destinations in the world for talented, international students". Despite the many uncertainties surrounding Brexit, Britain has been labelled an ‘IT beacon’ that will not be dimmed.

Brexit Uncertainties

Although it certainly looks like good news for the IT sector, it is important to remember that things are still very much up in the air. The problem that remains is that, right now, we still have very little idea about what will happen in the future. The recent vote of confidence confirms that we are still far from a satisfactory exit strategy, and we are at a point where anything could happen in terms of the economy.

That’s why it is so important for IT job seekers — in the UK, in the European Union, and across the world — to ensure they have access to the very best IT job resources. Resources such as Contract Recruit help to match the best IT skills with the best technology businesses, offering both candidates and recruiters a high level of support as they strive to achieve their goals during this time of uncertainty and disruption.

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