Why do Places Like Silicon Valley Fuel Tech Companies like Uber, Apple, and eBay?

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San Francisco’s Silicon Valley is renowned as the technology hotspot of the universe, but what exactly is it about this otherwise unremarkable region of California that makes it such a driver of tech success?

There are really two reasons why Silicon Valley is so prepared to nurture technological talent:

1. Its Location

While we can’t attribute all of Silicon Valley’s success to its pleasant, oceanfront location that allows tech-geeks to gaze out over the Pacific as they mull over million dollar ideas, we can’t overlook the fact that the region’s coastal positioning thrust this part of the United States to the forefront of early technological advances. The busy, active port at San Francisco made this region (which obviously wasn’t known as Silicon Valley back then) a major player in the radio and telegraph sectors, with some of the country's very first radio stations set up in San Jose in 1909. The association between Northern California and new technologies is one that has been around a long time.

With technology widely available here, it’s no wonder that researchers and scientists chose this location to set up their own centres, and with the Hewlett-Packard team of William Hewlett and Dave Packard originally making oscilloscopes, setting up in a small yet pre-formed tech location made perfect sense. Xerox followed suit, along with Bell Labs’ William Shockley, who started his own firm in Mountain View.

2. Its Incubator Culture

Silicon Valley’s unique history has made it its very own tech incubator; it’s created a hub of knowledge sharing, guidance, and even financial support from investors who want a host of promising businesses right on their doorstep. Research and development is both encouraged and supported here, with new ideas generated amongst what is essentially a secluded little nerve centre isolated from the ‘real world’. Talent moves around, and networking is rife within the ‘fish bowl’ that is Silicon Valley… when the right skills meet, where do you think they’re going to choose to start their own ventures? Yep, right here.

And so the incubator culture really keeps fueling itself, becoming stronger and stronger and presenting increasingly attractive opportunities for entrepreneurs and passionate tech experts who want to work amongst the best in the business and be at the frontier of new developments. Silicon Valley now fuels tech companies simply because it fuels tech companies… it’s earned a reputation impossible to shift.

The Rise of Incubator Cities

While Silicon Valley was arguably the first of its type, and is today the most famous incubator city of all, there are many other places around the world that are succeeding at doing exactly the same thing, just on a smaller scale. London is actually one of the most connected cities in the world, with ‘Silicon Roundabout’ now the term used to refer to the capital’s tech cluster. But London isn’t the only option. Tech hubs are beginning to pop all around the country, from Cambridge’s ‘Silicon Fen’ to Birmingham’s ‘Silicon Canal’, and here at Contract Recruit we can help you find your perfect job, in the perfect place.

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