Addressing the ‘Taboo’: Exploring the use of Contractors in the IT Industry

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Reports suggest that one third of global employers aren’t utilising the talents of contractors or temporary staff. Instead, these businesses are relying exclusively on permanent employees who form a stable workforce to meet their needs.

At a time when many businesses are experiencing digital transformation, embracing disruptive leadership, and are drawing upon innovative and revolutionary techniques for growth and development, a stable and predictable workforce may not be the best option. Businesses need a workforce that suits new trends.

Why are Contractors Under-Utilised in IT?

Contracting has long been somewhat of a taboo subject in the IT world; something that few businesses actually discuss openly. There are many reasons why businesses may choose not to use contractors, but in terms of IT, it’s important to consider the ‘Google Factor’. Google made headlines for their unique offices and what was, at the time, completely unusual company culture. With games rooms and relaxation pods, Google thrust company culture to the forefront of the employee experience.

Today’s candidates are actively seeking a similar culture; a ‘startup culture’ which places increased value on the employee experience. And businesses are making strong efforts to provide this. However, building and nurturing this sort of culture is certainly more challenging when dealing with a transient workforce.

We also need to look at consistency. Consistency in business is key, and yet this is something that cannot be guaranteed with a constant in/out-cycle of workers. This is particularly true for workers that may have no working relationship with each other, or even be provided with opportunities to discuss their work.

3 Reasons to Consider Contractors

The Skills You Need, When You Need Them

Businesses are evolving in every sense except in recruitment. Consider that most of us now think of software as a service, rather than as a permanent, stagnant tool for operations. Yet we’re failing to take the same approach when it comes to the skills we need. Cobol, for example, was once a hugely popular coding language but is barely used today outside of financial applications. Contractors allow you to access the skills you need.

Workplace Efficiency

Bringing on the right people, with the right skills, allows contractors to hit the ground running. That’s the beauty of having the flexibility to hand-select the right talents for individual projects, rather than thinly spreading the talents of employees across numerous skills. In spreading employee talents, businesses increase the risk of errors, boost the chance of burnout, and raise outgoings through training needs.

Scale up — or Down — as Needed

We are at a time when many businesses simply do not know what impact advancing technology will have on their business, or on their industry. Will technology increase the need for workers to oversee change implementation? Will it reduce the need through automation? At this time of disruption, scalability is essential. Contractors go hand in hand with scalability, giving businesses flexibility in their hiring.

Despite these advantages, hiring contractors is still a struggle. Firstly, there is the complexity of doing so, especially with the reformed IR35 tax legislation. Secondly, just how easy is it to find the right talents? Particularly for businesses whose HR processes do not currently extend beyond permanent recruitment?

ContractRecruit eases these concerns through expert advice and a premier platform for bringing together the right businesses and the right talents, at the right times!

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