Boolean Search

What is Boolean Search and how is it used?

With the use of Boolean Search you’re able to be more specific with your Contractor search. There are 3 main search terms and 3 actions to really refine your Contractor search:


When using ‘AND’ in your search all words before and after will appear in the search results
Example Search
‘C++ AND SQL’ – both ‘C++’ and ‘SQL’ will appear in the results.


When using ‘OR’ in your search either words either side of OR will appear in the search
Example Search
‘GUI OR “Graphical User Interface”’ – Both Terms are searched and included in the results


When using ‘NOT’ words used after ‘NOT’ will not appear in the search
Example Search
C NOT C# - ‘C’ will be included in the search results, ‘C#’ will not.

Asterisk *

The asterisk can be used as a root word/stem/truncation search. In other words, the search will return and highlight any word that begins with the root/stem of the word truncated by the asterisk.
For example: admin* will return: administrator, administration, administer, administered.

Parentheses ( )

Parentheses are used to encapsulate OR statements for our search engines to execute them properly. For example: (apache or weblogic or websphere). If you don’t enclose all of your OR statements, the search may run but it will NOT run as intended, so please be wary of this when running the OR function.

Quotation Marks “”

Quotation marks must be used when searching for exact phrases of more than one word. For example: “Director of IT” will only return “Director of IT”. If you search for Director of IT without the quotation marks, it will split up the words Director and IT and highlight them as relevant matches even when not mentioned as an exact phrase.