When is an MVL Appropriate?

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When is an MVL Appropriate?

Are you heading towards the end of your business contract, or is your limited company no longer required?
Perhaps you’re looking to return to permanent employment or retire?
Do you have more than £25,000 worth of assets, once all liabilities have been paid?

If these things apply to you, then an MVL could be the right choice… Now, let’s explain what it is…
A Member’s Voluntary Liquidation is the formal process to close a solvent company, whilst doing so in the most tax efficient way possible.

But what does this mean for you?

Any assets are distributed to you as capital gain rather than income - this means you may be eligible for big tax savings, by way of Entrepreneur’s Relief. This reduces any payable tax from either 18% or 28% to only 10%!

An additional benefit is that the first £11,100 (at current rates) of capital gain per shareholder is exempt from tax, making the MVL procedure even more tax efficient.

An MVL, unlike other forms of liquidation, has absolutely no stigma attached to it… so you can feel comfortable in your decision.

At the SFP group, we have a specific MVL department, comprised of a helpful, friendly and experienced team whose priority is to ensure the process runs smoothly for you, reducing the risk of any issues and giving you full peace of mind throughout the process.

Our dedicated team is only ever a click away to answer your questions, whether via email, over the phone or through face to face meetings, whenever required.

We value transparency, and as such work under a fixed fee model… there are no hidden costs, you’ll always know where you stand.

To experience our award winning service, and to find out why we are fast becoming the UK’s number one provider for MVLs, speak to one of our experts today.

0207 001 9117

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