What Does an IT Contract Job in the UK Look Like?

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In the UK, an increasing number of businesses are advertising contract jobs, but what exactly does this mean? What does an IT contract job in the UK look like? Well, that’s sometimes a difficult question!

The problem is that a contract job can — within reason — look however the recruiting business wants it to look. The business not only sets the job description and duties, but also the pay, the hours, and the length of the contract. In many ways, an IT contract job in the UK can look remarkably similar to a temporary or fixed term contract… but there are subtle differences that create notable distinctions.

So to answer the question, let’s delve into the ‘yes’, the ‘no’, and the ‘maybe’ of UK contract jobs.

Yes: An IT Contract Job in the UK will…

• Be related to a specific task or project; you won’t be undertaking day-to-day business ops
• Be temporary; either fixed term or until completion of the project
• Usually require you to manage your own taxes (make sure you know what you owe!)

No: An IT Contract Job in the UK will not…

• Allow you to be classed as an employee of the business
• Allow you to benefit from employee perks, such as pension or health insurance
• Provide an annual salary; payment will usually be done as hourly/daily rates, or a fixed fee

Maybe: An IT Contract Job in the UK Might…

• Offer higher rates of pay than salaried work, especially for niche skills
• Require full time or part time input, depending on the project and expected timeframe
• Be advertised through a staffing agency, or directly by the business

However, like many things in life, you can’t fully understand what an IT contract job in the UK looks like until you see it with your own eyes. And that’s where the challenge lies for many people; figuring out whether the life of a contractor is right for them without first taking the leap. Is contracting right for you?

Finding a Job That Looks Great

At ContractRecruit, we recommend that you don’t jump head first into the world of contracting, and instead make sure you do a bit of research first, to find an IT contract job in the UK that looks good to you. Remember – what looks like a great IT contract job to someone else might not be right for you.

We recommend using our integrated search to explore the different types of IT contract jobs that UK businesses are advertising, looking specifically at the role, the length of contract, the pay, and even the business itself if this is mentioned, as this can give a more thorough idea of the working environment. For example, whether it’s a large organisation or smaller business, the types of work they do, and the sorts of clients they partner with. Most importantly, it’s essential to remember that every IT contract job in the UK will look different, so taking the time to find one that’s right for you can be really beneficial.

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