The Top 5 Ways to Fall in Love with an IT Contract Role

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"I love my job" is something that you’ll hear many IT contractors say! After all, there are loads of things to love about contracting: the opportunity to work with all sorts of different businesses, brands, and people, the opportunity to experience new workplace cultures and ways of working, the ability to really make a difference and the freedom to work when you want (and take nice long holidays in between contracts!).

However, for some contractors — especially those taking on shorter contracts — it can sometimes be a little more difficult to really fall in love with a particular role. As a contractor, you may only be needed for a short time, or you may be working from home and not really get many chances to integrate with employees. Despite this, if you’re in a great role, it’s still possible to find the passion in the job, and enjoy every minute.

Here are 5 great ways to fall in love with an IT contract role…. Even if it’s only a short contract:

1. Do What You Enjoy

There’s a big difference between doing what you’re good at, and doing what you enjoy. Say you’re a passionate and experienced Java developer; You love working on code, and you live for fixing elusive bugs. Why take on a contract for a Java Team Leader, spending your time managing people and improving workplace processes? Use the Contract Recruit search to find the perfect IT contract for you.

2. Look For Opportunity

What’s in a job title? Perhaps not as much as you think. If you’re brought onboard to assist the company on their next endeavour, don’t feel too constrained by your job title. When hiring contractors, businesses often look for niche skills and experiences, rather than trying to fulfil a specific vacancy, so find opportunities to share your knowledge throughout the organisation. If you’re passionate about something, get involved.

3. Understand the Business

It’s hard to love something if you don’t fully understand it. As a contractor, you may not be given the same sort of introduction to the business and its goals as an employee would be, so it’s essential that you’re proactive in this area. Make an effort to understand the business’ aims and missions. This is a great way to ignite passion for what you’re doing, and to discover your value to the organisation.

4. Ask!

If there’s an aspect of your IT contract role that you’re not particularly enjoying — the working hours, for example — then ask if there’s anything that could be done to make the contract more mutually agreeable. Contracting is designed to be flexible, and even a small change could make all the difference to how you feel about the job. Worried about asking? Don’t be — the worst they can do is say no…

5. Learn & Apply

If you’re struggling to meet goals in your IT contract job, use your free time to hone your skills. In developing your skills at home, you can then apply this new knowledge to the project at hand and deliver better results. Or perhaps you’re struggling to connect with employees? Research some great communication methods and apply them to your role. Little fixes could have a massive impact.

Still No Love?

If you’ve tried these 5 tips and are still not feeling love for your IT contract role, then it could be a sign that you’re not in the right job for you. Don’t worry. Take the time to select your next contract using our ContractRecruit search and browse functions to really find something that will tickle your tastebuds.

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