Smart Homes: Why You Should Let Your Fridge Fill Itself

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A smart home is one which relies on smart appliances and devices to operate. The Internet of Things, or IoT — the idea of machine-to-machine communication — is revolutionising the home environment, and today it’s possible to get thermostats which turn on when you’re on your way home from seeing a client, washing machines that come on automatically so your clothes are ready to be hung on the line before starting work in the morning, and coffee machines that have the perfect cuppa ready when you wake up.

But perhaps one of the most exciting of smart inventions? The self-filling fridge.

Here are just a few of the reasons why all homeowners are turning to smart refrigerators:

1. Smart fridges reduce waste

Many of us have no idea what’s in the fridge, and end up buying a load more tomatoes even though the salad drawer is already bursting with them. Smart fridges can help. With automatic top-up reminders (which can be sent directly to shopping lists if you use an app), the fridge can tell you exactly what you need, helping homeowners to reduce waste, protect the planet, and save money on groceries, too.

2. Smart fridges save you time

Many of us lead busy, hectic lifestyles, and don’t have time to be rooting around to see what essentials we need to stock up on. A smart fridge can do all the hard work for you. With shopping list app integration, smart fridges can automatically add items to your list… and even order them! Smart fridges can also ‘talk’ to other smart appliances in the home, making managing home life easier than ever.

3. Smart fridges keep you healthy

Smart fridges could be key to keeping people healthy and minimising illness. These clever appliances allow users to digitally ‘label’ their foods with expiration dates, creating an automated list of foods ordered by expiry. Not only can this ensure homeowners are eating their fresh produce while it’s still at its very best, it can also help to prevent food poisoning, with the fridge indicating what foods should be thrown away.

4. Smart fridges are great for meal planning

Meal planning and meal prep are two of the hottest topics in the food world right now, and smart fridges are facilitating these advanced planning ways of life. Some smart fridges come complete with built-in WiFi-enabled cameras, which means that homeowners can see exactly what’s in their fridge, from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have an internet connection. Great for people with busy lifestyles.

Although smart refrigerators are still very much in their early days, Siemens, Samsung, and Electrolux have already introduced smart models to the market, with more expecting to be launched shortly. With demand for smart home appliances growing rapidly, and with more and more introductions to the market being made all the time, it can reasonably be expected that demand for contractors with the niche skills to design and deliver the technology fuelling smart appliances will grow at a rapid rate.

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