How to find the highest paying freelance contracts

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by BI Accountancy

It's one thing becoming a freelancer or a contractor but you need to make the move financially rewarding so you should seek out the highest paying freelance contracts. This is easier said than done since competition in your industry may be stiff but by adopting a targeted approach then you should be able to source - and win! - these jobs. When freelancing, some employers may fill their contract roles within several days and they may simply do so after one telephone interview. This means that your CV will need to be tailored to the exact skills and requirements of the freelance contract that is being advertised. It may be that you will need several versions of your CV to meet this need.

Several versions of an impressive contractor CV

The next step, once you have several versions of an impressive contractor CV, is to market yourself effectively on the available freelance contract job boards. You should then submit your CV that has a brief profile of you and your expertise as well as your skill set, career history and achievements. There will be various job sites available for your industry and you should register with them and if they have a job notification service, then sign up for this too. You will also need to contact various recruitment agencies and get onto their database.

This is probably the most important aspect when sourcing better paying freelance contracts since 80% of contracts, it has been estimated, are sourced through an agency. One reason for this is that it makes the job recruitment process much easier for employers who are looking to fill a short-term project role.

Land a better paying freelance contracting job

There are also other ways to land a better paying freelance contracting job and that's to utilise the contacts you have built-up to see if they have any jobs going with their employers or with their other friends and contacts. Recommendation plays a big part when freelancing and if you've impressed someone within a work role they will not hesitate to recommend you for a job. In addition, you should also consider attending networking events, which for many freelancers is a crucial way to develop contacts and leads since the more people that you know, then your potential pool of employers widens.

For example, you should sign up with LinkedIn, highlight your expertise and then start contacting various people and employers and also get involved in the group conversations that will promote you as a freelance contractor. Another way to access better paying freelance jobs is to have a personal website to showcase your skills and expertise. The website will give a potential employer the opportunity of examining your career history and skillset and also get in touch since your contact details will be on there. However, you will need your personal website to be professional and there are various techniques to help you get noticed online you should investigate.

Once you land a better paying contract, or you land a really good contract role, then you'll need to keep as much of your earnings as possible, which then requires the expertise of expert accountants and if you need an online accountancy to help you enjoy your financial rewards, then get in touch with BI Accountants today.

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