How IT contractors benefit UK businesses

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How IT contractors benefit UK businesses

More than seven out of ten businesses are using IT contractors, proving the value these specialists bring to UK business.

As IT becomes ever-more complex, companies are turning to contractors for a variety of reasons. Contractors save companies the expense of training their own specialists in IT, for example, and once the job has been completed, the contractor’s services can be dispensed with rather than continuing to pay a full-time employee with the same skills. In short, contractors are far more flexible, which enables companies to trim costs while still being able to afford first-rate services.

Those completing IT jobs as contractors have the prospect of an increasingly bright future. The Economic Voice reports: “As flexible working becomes more important to many people, and businesses adapt to new trading conditions and ways of working, contractors are likely to make up an increasingly significant proportion of the UK workforce in the years ahead and become even more essential for businesses than they are today.”

Contracting arrangements offer real benefits to both the company hiring the IT contractor and to the contractor. The company gains flexibility within the work team and, despite the fact that IT contractors are generally higher paid than full-time employees for completing the same work, they are more cost effective. IT contractors benefit through more flexibility and enjoy a better work/life balance than the average 9-to-5 employee.

Something IT contractors should consider is working through an umbrella company. The umbrella company, as a third party, acts as a liaison between the contractor and the business seeking his or her services. This means any invoicing, payments and taxes will be taken care of, leaving the contractor free to focus on his or her assignment.

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