Four interview techniques to land your next freelance contract

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by BI Accountants

As a freelancer or contractor, you will probably be attending more interviews than those who have permanent jobs which means you will need to hone your interview techniques to land a contract.

Having good interview skills will be crucial to your success as a freelancer and while you may be one of the most experienced and professional workers in your field, poor interview skills could harm your chances of securing lucrative contracts.

However, there are two important elements for every successful freelance interview and they are: enthusiasm and preparation!

1. Be prepared

As a contractor, you need to be prepared so you'll need to know the location and time of the interview and leave in plenty of time for it. This is a test for your timekeeping skills.

If necessary, check you can park close by and check traffic reports before setting off. If you are travelling on public transport ensure there are no delays or problems beforehand.

Also, be smartly dressed and clean and also know the names of who you are meeting and their job titles.

2. The interview

Part of your preparation should include researching the company and what they do and practising the questions you are likely to be asked. You will need to appreciate one aspect and that is 'What is this employer looking for?' This will then direct how you deal with the interview.

Essentially, you will also need to consider what the recruiters may be asking themselves while interviewing you. For example, 'Is the candidate a right fit for the company?', 'Do they have the skills for the position?' and 'Are they presentable?'

They will also be looking at your communication skills and whether you are motivated and driven to succeed working for them.

There's no hiding from the fact that a potential employer will also be asking, ‘Do I like this person?’
This is because the recruiter has their own reputation to protect and is unlikely to hire a freelancer who may cause them problems.

3. Your interview tips

All contractors, regardless of their experience, will need the same interview tips to land a contract.

In addition to being well-prepared and groomed, you also need to do your homework about the employer and have some questions ready to ask them.

You should also consider:

  • How you greet the interviewers
  • Do not sit down until they invite you to do so
  • Do not slouch in the chair
  • Always look interested.

It's also a good idea to speak clearly and smile when being interviewed and do not interrupt the recruiter when they're asking questions or explaining the job role.

4. Practice, practice, practice

While you may not have lots of experience being interviewed as a freelancer or as a contractor, you can practice the job interview scenario either on your own or with friends and family.

By doing so, you will have a slick presentation and practised answers to probing questions. This may be the most important element of preparing for an interview to land a freelance contract.

It's important that when you practice your interview technique that you have someone to give you honest feedback and you'll also need to say out loud the answers to questions and this can make a big difference in how you actually answer them.

This element is also important since some employers may have phone interviews first. While these tend to be much shorter because they save the recruiter's time, you still need to be professional in your approach.

However, you will be able to have notes on the table in front of you to answer those tricky questions or to remind you of a particularly good answer.

Interview techniques to land a freelance contract

When it comes to interview techniques to land a contract, you need to prepare carefully, research thoroughly and then practice endlessly in order to establish a successful career.

Once you land your first big contract, you may be needing help with other finance and accountancy issues and expert accountants could prove invaluable, so you should contact the leading online accountancy BI Accountants for their advice and help.

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