Exploring the Preference for Contract Roles

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If you conduct a quick search here at ContractRecruit, you’ll find that some types of jobs, and some job titles, tend to pop up time and time again. These are hugely in-demand IT contract roles that many businesses all across the country are looking to find the right person for. At the same time, you’ll also find that some types of jobs, and some job titles, don’t really appear quite as frequently, if at all. Why?

Contract Roles vs. Permanent Employment

The reason why you’ll see some IT contract roles listed regularly, and others less so, is all down to the underlying nature of the position. Some positions require a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the business, and are therefore more suited to permanent employment where the role can be overseen by a long term member of staff. Other roles are more project-based, either working on a specific task for a client or for the organisation itself; these better lend themselves to contract roles.

Let’s explore further…

Permanent IT Jobs

Businesses often prefer to employ for permanent positions for roles that are anticipated to be long term, for roles which require a deeper understanding of overall business goals and processes, and for roles that are closely connected to the day-to-day operation of the organisation. Possible permanent roles include:

  • Security & Risk Manager
  • Systems Architect
  • Tester
  • Network Engineer
  • In-House Support Technician

However, these roles can also be offered as contract positions, depending on the needs, requirements and preferences of the hiring organisation. In fact, there’s an IT contract role out there for everyone!

Contract IT Roles

Contract roles allow for greater scalability within an organisation; the business has the flexibility to take on in-demand or highly niche skills to ‘scale up’ when needed (if, for example, a client has requested a project that the business does not already have the capacity to handle), and ‘scale down’ as required. This not only ensures that the business has access to the right talents, at the right time, but also enables them to save money by not taking on a permanent member of staff. Possible IT contract roles include:

  • Java Developer
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • User Experience Architect
  • Field Support Technician

In addition, businesses may be looking for very specialised skills, either to help them transform their business during this time of technological disruption, or to meet the evolving needs of their clients. Blockchain skills, for example, are very much in demand for temporary, contract assignments.

Finding the Right Job

Although some IT roles are perfectly suited to contractors, and despite there being an almost never ending list of opportunities for contractors in the IT sector, the problem is that many potential contractors simply don’t know how to find the right role for them. ContractRecruit is here to help, making it easy for businesses to find the talent they need, and for skilled contractors to find a new challenge. Whether you’re looking for developer roles or anything else, we’ll help you find it.

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