4 Ways to Get Into the Contracting Role Habit

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One of the main benefits of contracting is the contractor’s way of life. More flexible than permanent employment, contracting can give you the freedom to explore and develop your own niche skills while bringing unrivalled value to growing businesses. However, despite the benefits of this way of life, it’s certainly a lot different to what many IT professionals have become accustomed to in employment.

The contracting role habit is one that can be tricky to form — and easy to lose — but making the effort to build and maintain this habit is one of the keys to finding IT contract roles that are the perfect fit for you.

Here are 4 easy yet effective ways to get into the contracting role habit:

1. Start Simple

Taking on too much, too soon, is likely to overwhelm and overstimulate. This can result in you throwing in the towel before you’ve really had time to form a habit. Don’t be tempted to take on a big, huge, challenging IT contract role your first time. Instead, start smaller and simpler, building up to bigger contracts as the habit begins to form and as you become more accustomed to life as a contractor.

2. Stay Motivated

If you’re working from home as a contractor for the first time, but have been used to working in an office full of people with your boss peering over your shoulder, finding the motivation to work independently can be tough. Try to dedicate a separate space for your work and remove as many distractions as possible (eg. TV noise) to help you stay motivated long enough for the contracting role habit to form.

3. Be Social

Traits, characteristics, and even habits can be caused by association. For example, it’s reported by the NHS that a person is more likely to be overweight if they have overweight friends. If you want to build a strong contractor habit, and stick to it, try to socialise with others in a similar situation. Experienced contractors can help you to learn the ropes, provide helpful hints and tips, and keep you motivated.

4. Keep Going

When forming a habit, consistency is key… but it’s not something you always get as a contractor. It’s highly recommended that you carefully plan your first months, ensuring that you have something lined up as each contract comes to an end. If one contract finishes, but you don’t have any leads on what’s next, it becomes increasingly harder to build the habit and more tempting to slip back into employment.

Even with these great tips, it’s a fact of life that habit-forming isn’t always easy, and it doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re making the change from employment to contracting especially, it can sometimes be easy to slip back into old habits. At Contract Recruit, we’re here to support you as you make contracting your new norm, helping you to find fantastic IT contract roles that you’ll want to build a habit for!

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