3 Tips for Securing the Right IT Contract For You

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There are many benefits of contracting, such as the flexibility, the opportunity to work with many exciting businesses within the IT sector, and of course the tax benefits (as long as you’re not caught out by IR35, that is!). However, there are also a few challenges when it comes to contracting. Most notably, trying to minimise the unpaid gap between contracts. Many contractors will ideally want to flow from one contract to another – so what are the best ways to secure and line up the right IT contract for you?

1. Rethink Your CV

Businesses taking on contractors will often be looking for a different type of CV than businesses looking to hire long term, permanent employees. While cultural fit is often a major factor when recruiting employees, there is typically less importance placed on this aspect when it comes to contractors, and more importance on specific skills; the knowledge needed for a particular project. You may wish to tailor your CV to make it short and snappy, highlighting your unique and niche skills and making them the focus.

2. Determine Your Value

While it is always important to be flexible when it comes to your pay as a contractor, it is equally as important to understand what you’re worth to a business. It’s a good idea to conduct a little research prior to searching for contracts, taking into consideration how in demand your particular skills are, and how open the contractor market is for those exhibiting these talents. Knowing your value can make the contract search much easier, as you will be able to filter out roles that do not meet your expectations.

3. Boost Your Visibility

Finding an IT contract is very much a two-way street. There is no hard and fast rule that says you must approach a business; sometimes, a business may approach you. That’s why it’s essential to ensure that you’re not only visible to businesses looking to fill a position, but that you’re also visible on the platforms that businesses are using. Platforms such as ContractRecruit are a good option, as they enable both contractors and businesses to search, helping to match the right skills with those that need them.

However, despite these 3 fantastic tips, finding the right IT contract can still be a little overwhelming at times! This is especially true as demand for IT contractors is rising rapidly in the UK. More and more businesses are looking to narrow the skills gap and ensure they have the right talents on board, at the right time. If you’re finding it challenging to determine what’s right for you, call in the experts for support.

At ContractRecruit, we offer an easy-to-use contract search that’s a great starting point for seeing who’s looking for talent, and what skills are in demand. But if you need a bit more guidance, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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